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Make music, not war

    "Pax Sax"   



We are making a limited edition of 193 saxophones from recycled artillery shells. Artillery shells are made of brass, the basic material for saxophones.


At the end of 2018, till beginning of 2019 we organized a national collection campaign to gather enough artillery shells for this project. In collaboration with a specialized Dutch branch of the German company Aurubis, we recycled and remolded them into new sheet material.


Pax Sax


There is a special engraving on the saxophone, picturing the Iron Tower and "Pax-gate" (Diksmuide). Underneath this is will be an impression of the Tyne Cott cemetery, a British soldier at the grave of his fallen comrade, with the trenches, and the Menin Gate (Ypres) in the foreground, where the Last Post (still) sounds every evening.


The Bible verse that served as inspiration for this special saxophone is also engraved the saxophone.


The design of the engraving was created in collaboration with a Venezuelan artist who fled her country due to political unrest and violence.


The key inlay, normally made of mother-of-pearl, will be made from the wood of a Lee Enfield stock, the rifle of the British forces during WW1 and WW2. One key inlay is made from a bullet casing, shot from an actual Lee Enfield no. 1


On the neck of the saxophone will be a small shield made out of dirt from the trenches, "soaked with the blood of the fallen".


In collaboration with the British creative duo Marc Marot and Scarlett Raven, a special poppy is placed on the “Pax Sax”. With an application on the phone, through augmented reality, the saxophone will come alive. This is the first time a musical instruments gets augmented reality.


The proceeds of 3 saxophones will go to several charities that will be presented later on.