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Of the 193 saxophones that will be made, 120 will be available via pre-order, at an entry price of € 5000 (alto) and € 5250 (tenor).


After delivery of the first 120 saxophones, the 73 other instruments will be brought to the market at a higher price.


The price includes 21% sales taxes. Professional clients within the EU and customers outside EU will get their instrument tax free. So alto = 4132€, tenor =  4338€.


Your registration is confirmed after the payment of a first installment of € 2500. 


After this, you will receive a certificate stating the serial number of your Sax4Pax saxophone, as well as an estimated delivery date.

If you want the instrument to be shipped, we'll arrange fully insured and secured shipping.


Please fill in the form on the right.


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